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Cairns Toy Library Manoora’s 6.64kW Trina Solar Panels with Sungrow Inverter

Cairns Toy Library in Manoora stands as a testament to community-driven sustainable initiatives. A non-profit, volunteer-operated organization, the library not only offers an array of toys suitable for children aged 0–8 but also champions the reduction of waste and environmental footprint. By joining, members not only save money and declutter their homes but also engage with the local community, meeting other families and accessing exclusive party hire packs. Yet, the very essence of this community-centered organisation is its dependency on local support to sustain its operations, manage electricity costs, and ensure its doors remain open, inviting more families into its fold.

The Challenge!
Access the Cairns Regional Council Grant to Install Solar Panels and Reduce Costs

Cairns Toy Library, a not-for-profit institution, faces the pressing challenge of sustaining its operations amidst limited funding and resources. Central to its financial burden is its monthly energy bill, which has historically been $50. However, come July 2023, this figure is slated to surge by a steep 35%. Given the library's intrinsic reliance on community backing and donations to serve the children and families of Cairns, this escalation in energy costs poses a significant hurdle.

Our high-efficiency PV cells are suitable for a broad range of module applications including private rooftop installations, commercial and industrial rooftop installations, remote power generators and large-scale power plants on the ground and on the water.

In an ambitious bid to not only neutralize this looming cost but also turn it into a revenue stream, Cairns Toy Library is setting its sights on solar energy. The vision is clear: deploy a solar power system that not only offsets their monthly bill but also yields surplus energy. This surplus, when sold back, can provide a credit from the energy retailer. The financial gains from this credit can then be channeled directly back into enriching the library's offerings and services.

To make this transition smooth and trustworthy, Cairns Toy Library is seeking to leverage local incentives. They are eyeing the Cairns Region Council's business sustainability grant, a local solar incentive that can cushion the financial implications of this green transition.

Behind this initiative is the trusted guidance and expertise of Brenton Hielscher, the owner of Hielscher Electrical, a frontrunner in the solar provider domain. With his reputation, Cairns Toy Library aims to harness solar energy efficiently and economically, turning a challenge into an opportunity.

Sustainable Solar Design: Powering Future Projects

At the intersection of innovation and sustainability lies the bespoke solar installation, masterminded by Brenton Hielscher Electrical exclusively for Cairns Region Toy Library. Here's why this design is unparalleled:

Tailored Precision:

Every aspect of the 6.64 kW solar system has been meticulously curated, keeping the library's unique needs at the forefront. From the number of panels to their arrangement, the design maximizes efficiency and power generation.

Premium Quality Components:

The chosen Trina TSM-415DE09R.08 solar panels are not only powerful but are also backed by a dual 25-year warranty, underscoring their longevity. The Sungrow SG5K-D Premium inverter is a beacon of efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness, making it a fitting heart for the system.

Economic Viability:

The solar installation is not just an eco-friendly solution but also a financially savvy one. With a rebate of 73 Small Scale Technology Certificates, the library stands to save a significant $2,701, redirecting these funds towards further community endeavors.

Durable and Efficient Racking System:

The Mibet MRac Roof Rail and Mounting system is a testament to ingenuity. Its patented design ensures a robust connection, guaranteeing stability and longevity, while its pre-assembled nature underscores the commitment to saving both time and costs.

Expertise and Reputation:

Entrusting the project to a renowned name like Brenton Hielscher Electrical ensures not just a product but an experience. The design is backed by exhaustive research, years of expertise, and a reputation that promises unparalleled quality and service.


Beyond immediate savings and energy efficiency, the design is a step towards a sustainable future. By transitioning to solar energy, the library not only reduces its carbon footprint but also sets a commendable example for the community.

In essence, this solar installation is more than a mere energy solution; it's a holistic approach that combines environmental responsibility, financial prudence, and state-of-the-art design, making it the absolute best choice for Cairns Region Toy Library.

Size: 6.64 kW
Site: Single storey with a tin roof, 1 phase supply.
25-Year Product and Performance Warranty (Trina)
10-Year Product Warranty (Sungrow)
5-Year Installation Warranty
1 Solar Panels
Trina Solar Vertex S
415 Watt Monocrystalline
Compact yet potent, the Vertex S series modules showcase a blend of top-tier performance and innovative aesthetics. Tailored specifically for rooftop applications, the Vertex S strikes an optimal balance in power, size, and weight, meeting needs from efficiency and appearance to handling and reliability. Buyers can invest with confidence, thanks to its dual 25-year warranties covering both product workmanship and performance.
0 Inverter
5kW Sungrow Inverter
SG5K-D Premium Grid Connect
Offering a 4999VA output, this transformerless single-phase string inverter is tailor-made for budget-friendly small solar setups. With dual MPP inputs, 12.5A per MPPT, and a built-in DC isolator, it boasts IP65 outdoor protection, rapid installation features, and a gamut of safety protocols. Enhanced with aluminum alloy anti-corrosion and accessible via app or web monitoring, it promises durability and user-friendliness, all backed by an extended warranty and an arc fault current interruptor.