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The 2022 Ultimate Guide To Buying Solar In Cairns
I have prepared an easy-to-understand solar power buyers guide for 2022 that includes everything you need to know about solar and the options available so you can make a viable decision for your home or business. 
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Product Review: Fronius Gen24 Solar Inverter
The long-awaited state-of-the-art Fronius Gen24 took Australia's solar market by storm in 2020. So what has the buzz around Fronius Gen24 been all about?
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The Way We Pay for Electricity Is Changing – Demand Tariffs
Demand Tariffs, instituted by the Australian Energy Regulator and executed by energy distributors like Ergon and Energex are being rolled out to those who have already installed smart meters. This is poised to encourage more people especially households to consume less power when the demand is at peak causing the electricity grid to experience the...
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Commonwealth Bank Rolls Out Green Loans For Cairns Business
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently announced that property owners could now top up their commercial property loans by up to 20 percent, with no line fees and zero establishment fees, whenever they want to finance a major sustainability upgrade.
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Is Solar Panel Recycling A Thing?
Recycling solar panels can help fix the problem at both ends of the PV lifecycle, thereby addressing the raw material need with recycled resources significantly reducing the overall waste.
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Queensland Electric Vehicle Rebate Is Here
Coming at a time when the prices of unleaded petrol are topping at $2.20/litre, only time will tell whether the electric vehicle incentive will motivate the people of Queensland into making the switch as one way of helping the state to achieve its climate change goals.
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What Is EV Bi-directional Charging and How Does It Work?
Energy saving technology has gone a notch higher with new advancements emerging each day. The latest arrival in the realm of energy storage is the new bi-directional charging technology that allows electric vehicle owners to power their homes using their electric vehicle.
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Can Solar Panels Power Air-conditioning in Cairns
Energy from the sun can efficiently power air-conditioning units and help cool your space at home. However, when it comes to solar power air-conditioning, there are several factors you need to consider before deciding the exact number of solar panels required to capture maximum rays from the sun and convert them into electricity.
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Happy Australia Day 2022
As the leading Cairns solar company that delivers the best Australian made solar products like Tindo Solar Panels and Redback technologies, we join the rest of Aussies to celebrate, respect and reflect on the wonderful experiences that define who we are.
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Should I Buy Solar Batteries In Cairns?
An increasingly higher number of residential solar installations are now accompanied with solar batteries in Cairns. This post is here to highlight and evaluate the pricing, timing benefits and features when you buy solar storage batteries in Cairns.
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