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NQ Truck Bake – Townsville Solar Install

36kW Solar System and a 25kW Solar System installed for NQ Truck Bake in Townsville. The system included a total of 200 x 300W Seraphim Monocrystalline panels and a 3 x Fronius Symo inverters.

High Efficiency Solar Cells For PV Manufacturers

A broad range of solar cells for commercial-scale solar module manufacturing. Through our extensive global partner network, we offer a reliable supply of high-quality bifacial, mono PERC, mono and multi solar cells to support both short term and long term production requirements. Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including U.S-based SEIA, we help solar manufacturers and PV developers worldwide lower lead times.

Our high-efficiency PV cells are suitable for a broad range of module applications including private rooftop installations, commercial and industrial rooftop installations, remote power generators and large-scale power plants on the ground and on the water.

This commitment is reflected in the quality of our solar cells, which have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards of performance and durability. Our cells are tested under the toughest PID-free testing conditions and certified by institutions such as UL and ITRI.

Proven Record Of The High Performance & Reliability

Bifacial solar modules enable EPCs, installers, contractors and solar PV developers to maximize power density, with dual-side light capture resulting in increased power output at a lower cost. Delivering an attractive design, low-degradation and maximum power density, the bifacial modules we supply are made from high-purity silicon to ensure superior cell efficiency and lifespan.

Bifacial panels are eligible for Targray’s flexible wholesale solar financing platform, designed to help businesses of all sizes preserve their working capital, unlock value and accelerate growth. By leveraging Targray Group’s robust financing facility and our decades-long partnerships with leading international PV manufacturers, we’re able to create tailored supply chains solutions backed by flexible terms not offered by solar distributors or commercial banks.

Resulting in 30% increased power output at lower cost.
Designed for extreme weather conditions (snow, wind).
Manufactured from superior-grade silicon for cell efficiency.
Up to 50 years life span; by 25 year product guarantee.
Virtual absence of potential induced degradation (PID).
Designed and engineered in Egypt.
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19.5kW Solar Edge System Designed For Large Families

The 19.5kW SolarEdge system has been specially designed for this residential solar application. The SolarEdge panels selected for this home in Port Douglas each have the capacity to generated up to 310 Watts of energy per hour.

Spit over six strings, each pair of strings are connected to a SolarEdge HD Wave solar inverter which is has built in duel MPPT tracking.

System Design
63 x 130 Watt solar panels installed over 6 strings, split between three inverters with duel MPPT technology.
Solar Panels
63 x 130 Watt SolarEdge solar panels were installed to build this 19.5kW solar system in Port Douglas.
Solar Inverter
This solar power system has been designed using three SolarEdge HD Wave solar inverters.
Storage Batteries
This solar power system does not include a solar storage battery at this stage.
The system is connected to a live monitoring system powered by SolarEdge.
This Port Douglas solar installed was managed and certified by Brenton Hielscher.
99.9% Customer Satisfaction based on 750+ reviews and 6,154 Completed Projects.
Two men standing next to a Cairns truck with a sign on it advertising Hielscher Electrical's Solar Power services.

While improving the yield and performance of solar energy products, our PV industry experience enables us to provide in-depth material sourcing, financing and supply chain expertise for every step.

Professional on-site service and support for certification.
Regular light source for stable conversion efficiency.
Lowest LID by periodic monitoring & superior wafer.
1 KW
$ 1
Yearly Output
1 KWh
$ 1
$ 1
Port Douglas Family Will
Save $2,000 Each Year!

A leading international supplier of solar wafers for PV module manufacturers. We market a complete portfolio of reliable, high-quality solar wafers to meet the manufacturing demands of our customers. Our solar silicon wafers can be built to the exact specifications of solar manufacturers.

Working with our suppliers and trade associations like SEIA we help PV manufacturers increase efficiency while minimizing costs.

Hielscher Electrical and Solar Power Cairns
Two trucks parked in front of a house with solar panels.
Two men in orange shirts looking at paperwork on the hood of a car discussing solar power options.
How It Works, Step One:
We Design & Ship.
We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, We also selecting equipment from 66+ manufacturers so you do not have to be worried or compromise with your money or with your effort.
A man in an orange shirt is working on a solar roof.
How It Works, Step Two:
Contract Or Install
Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors, managing installation yourself ensures the fastest return on your solar investment.We deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, We also selecting equipment from.
A man from Hielscher Electrical is installing a solar device on a wall in Cairns.
How It Works, Step Three:
Power Your Home
Even after your system is installed and operating, you can always count on Wholesale Solar to provide the support you need, just contact us at any time, and we will be there for you. Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors.
A man cutting down a tree on the side of a road, surrounded by solar panels.
Perfect Choice!!
Since making a decision to install solar on my property , I made some inquiries as to whom should be responsible for this task. Most of the installers were interstate so they we’re not an option , eventually I located a local company Hielscher Electrical in Cairns.
Garry Craven
Cairns, QLD
A woman wearing a black lace top in Cairns.
The complete process from start to finish was done promptly and professionally and communication was excellent. I now have very happy tenants reaping the benefits and they are able to monitor their usage via the app
Deanna Swain
Redlynch, QLD
A woman smiling with a star on her face, representing Hielscher Electrical's commitment to Cairns solar power.
Perfect Choice!!
Came highly recommended to us, and I would also recommend Hielscher. From booking in the quote we had great customer service, and it was the owner who came and quoted and spent a lot of time walking us through the system.
Sarah Campbell
Mount Sheridan, QLD
Hielscher Electrical in Cairns offers solar panels to power your family's future and beat rising prices.