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Solar Power
Australian residents now have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars each year by installing a solar power
Solar Power Systems - Cheap Electricity

The installation of solar power systems throughout Australia has boomed over the past 15 years. Solar power is considered to be the cleanest source of renewable energy generation in the country. With the combination of solar panels and solar storage batteries can help by powering your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Already, one fifth of Australian households have installed a rooftop solar power system, making Australia one of the worlds leading solar power markets. The high demand for solar power uptake in Australia is a result derived from a number of factors. One being the high levels of solar radiation throughout the content. This alone shortens the payback times leading to a higher return on investment from solar power. Other factors include the Australian government solar power initiatives, strong demand for supply of solar power panels and components, and the significant increase with electricity prices in Australia over the past 20 years.

Solar Panel Statistics

Australian rooftops are continuing to adopt solar power as an alternative to network generated electricity. According to the 2019 Clean Energy Australia Report, the residential sector alone increased by 43% and 1.55 GW of solar power systems commissioned in 2018. The average solar power system size in Australia was 7.13kW for that year. Before the end of the year, the 218 thousand plus new solar power installations pushed the number to 2 million installs, meaning that one in every five residential dwellings now generate electricity through solar power technology.

In Cairns, 19,207 solar power installations have been commissioned on the 60,000 dwellings. This equates to 35% of solar market in the Cairns local government area. Neighbouring LGA's including Mareeba, Douglas and the Tablelands have similar market penetration with solar, each sitting above 30%. The solar trend increases moving south with some LGA's like Burdekin commissioning solar power to 46% of the dwellings in the region.

Households with solar power, also known as solar households, utilize Hielscher Electrical's expertise in installing and maintaining efficient solar power systems. These households rely on the renewable energy source of the sun to
Hielscher Electrical specializes in solar power installations in North Queensland. Our team of experts are experienced in installing solar panels and are dedicated to providing high-quality solar solutions for residential and commercial properties. With our
Australia's Federal Solar Power Rebate

On top of optimal sunshine and climate conditions for solar power, Queenslanders can also access a solar panel rebate from the Australian government. The federal solar rebate also known as the STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates) rebate is an incentive aimed at offsetting the upfront costs to install solar panels. Governed by the Clean Energy Council, the federal solar power rebate has strict controls that limit the options for particular brands and technologies to those that have been approved and are authorised by the Australian Clean Energy Council.

How much is the solar rebate in Queensland?

The solar power rebate in Queensland can reduce the overall cost of a solar power system by up to 30%. This can lead to savings close to $3,000 off the upfront cost of solar.

The solar power rebate is determined by the size of the solar power system that you choose to install, the location in Queensland and the capacity and output of solar energy.

Queensland Solar Feed-in Tariffs

When your solar panels are commissioned and connected to the grid, a grid-connect application is lodged with the energy retailer on behalf of the property owner. When the application becomes approved, then the property owner will be eligible to sell excess energy that the solar power system generates.

The solar feed-in tariff (FiT), or solar buyback scheme has been available in Queensland for over 10 years and is said to be one of the most successful financial incentives on the market.

How much is the solar feed-in tariff in Regional Queensland?

The solar feed-in tariff in Regional Queensland is calculated at 7.861 cents per kilowatt hour.

How Our Solar Power Service Works
Two men in orange shirts looking at paperwork on the hood of a car discussing solar power options.
Step One:
Consultation and Design
A Hielscher Electrical solar consultant will visit your property to conduct an onsite assessment. The assessment can take up to half an hour with an aim to collect and analyse information relating to your rooftop, external elements and other design aspects. The information enables Hielscher Electrical to provide a thorough consultation for your unique energy needs.
A group of people, including experts from Hielscher Electrical, standing around a table with solar panels and blueprints.
Step Two:
Review Solar Proposal
Hielscher Electrical will design a solar power system with recommendations based on the information unique to your property. The proposal will be sent to you and will include a scope of the works, quote for the costs and an estimate of the performance that you can expect after your solar power system is commissioned.
A family standing in front of a house with solar panels in Cairns.
Step Three:
Contract Acceptance
Once you have decided to proceed with the recommended solar power system, Hielscher Electrical will send a document for you to sign along with the terms and details relating to the installation. Shortly after this, your solar project will commence and your solar panels and other components will be ordered.
A man in an orange hat is working on a Solar electrical panel.
Step Four:
Solar Power Installation
The solar power installation starts with the coordination of resources required to commission your solar power system. This includes planning with Ergon Energy, suppliers and relevant trade services. On the day, Hielscher Electrical electricians will install the solar panels on your roof before connecting the strings to the inverter. Once the system is ready to be commissioned, the project manager will show you exactly what's been completed, ready for your approval.
How Solar Power Works

During daylight hours, solar panels convert the sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. Because your home requires an alternating current (AC) to run most of the household appliances, the solar power generated needs to flow through the solar inverter which is normally installed next to your power board. When solar power is generated, your appliance will use the solar power first, then rely on the electricity from the grid to meet the remainder of your energy needs.

When your producing more solar power than your household is using, the excess solar energy will be exported to the grid or used to charge your solar battery. When you export electricity in Australia, the electricity retailers pay you through what's known as a solar feed-in tariff.

All of this happens without you having to lift a finger. And rest assured, its all recorded through your smart meter which provides the solar power production and energy consumption back to the energy retailers.

Why Choose Hielscher Electrical!

Since the very beginning, Hielscher Electrical has been a trusted provider of highly innovative residential solar power systems to homeowners in Queensland and Cairns.

Supplying only solar systems with maximum module efficiency, we are proudly one of the best solar companies around. If you are looking for the best deal on solar for your home, well, Hielscher Electrical is the company to call.

With experience than spans over 30 years, our professionals have helped customers in Australia to make the smartest, long-term decisions that deliver huge cost savings, tax breaks, equipment monitoring and contracts that are flexible and viable for a clean, environmentally friendly living.

Our high efficiency residential solar panels are designed using the best solar technologies that guarantee superior quality built to last for years to come. They are cost-effective and help you run your home efficiently on solar while saving you money.

Advancement in solar power technologies are allowing more households to access solar power and become self-sufficient particularly now that home battery storage is becoming readily available.

And as power prices continue to soar, Hielscher Electrical customers are happily locking in cheaper electricity bills by installing solar PV rather than depending on the grid. You too can join our list of fulfilled customers.

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Benefits of Solar Power
Use power from your solar panels during the day and save on your electricity bill. Use power from your solar panels during the day and save on your electricity bill.
A solar PV system is a popular feature and may add value to your property. A solar PV system is a popular feature and may add value to your property.
There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is made from sunlight rather than fossil fuels. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is made from sunlight rather than fossil fuels.
Solar power is considered clean green energy that is generated from the sun. Installing and owning solar panels reduces the carbon emissions and in turn reduce the dependence on fossil fuelled energy generation.
Solar panels enable you to meet some of your energy needs as the solar power generated from your system will be the priority supply for electricity in your house. This means that you will not be as reliant on electricity from the grid, meaning your electricity bills will be reduced. How much money you save will depend on the size of your solar power system as well as your electricity consumption.
Statistics show that households with solar power have an increased value because it attracts more buyers at the time you sell. The latest estimates show that a 5kW solar power system has the potential to add more than $25,000 to the value of your home. What a great investment.
Solar power systems are simple to maintain and do not require a great deal of attention. As long as you are keeping your solar panels relatively clean, keeping them free of any build-up of dirt and debris then your solar panels will continue to produce a high level of electricity. The average cost for solar panel cleaning or a basic solar inspection is around $150 in North Queensland.
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Don't get stuck paying high electricity bills. Secure your grid dependence today by investing in a solar power system.

Hielscher Electrical provide a free onsite consultation and solar power design services showing you exactly what you can do to save money for your home or business.

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