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Solar Upgrades
With the continuous advancement in technology for solar upgrades, upgrading your existing solar system in Cairns with newer

Solar system prices in Cairns have recorded a sharp plunge in recent years. As such, you may be wondering whether a system upgrade is ideal for your current solar system.

This is particularly true if your inverter or solar panel is not performing at optimal, or may be your decision is informed by the fact that you wish to increase the size of your existing solar system considering that earlier systems were smaller due to the high cost per watt.

With the continuous advancement in technology, upgrading your existing solar system with newer and more powerful panels and or an inverter could be all you need to improve your solar system’s performance.

Types of Solar Upgrades

Solar Panel Statistics

Hielscher Electrical is committed to solar energy, for its environmental as well as financial benefits, and there’s never been a better time for residential and commercial customers to commit to solar. Why? The cost of solar production continues to fall, while the cost of mains electricity continues to rise. Investing in solar reduces your mains consumption and eliminates the need to trench in grid power, disturbing surrounding landscapes and hardscapes. Solar is a renewable energy source and for North Queenslanders, where the sun shines a lot of the time, it makes perfect sense to harness that power to your advantage. Every day you don’t have solar, is another day you do have to pay high electricity bills.

A well-designed solar system, with or without batteries, can reduce your bill significantly and there’s some grants and incentives now available, making the change even more affordable. At Hielscher Electrical we are the Cairns solar specialists.

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Upgrading Your Current Solar System

This can be done by adding new solar panels to the current system, but first the new panels must be compatible with the existing solar panels or have optimisers installed with them. 

When it comes to upgrading your current solar system, there are several things to be considered:

• The new solar panels must feature a fire rating

• The current and new solar panels must be earthed

• A properly rated isolator has to be installed

• The current isolator(s) must be rated/checked properly

• Any cable used must meet the latest standards.

As you upgrade the inverter, you may also consider adding new panels. This is simply because an upgraded inverter comes with more enhanced functionality or additional string inputs integrated in modern inverters (e.g. to carry excess electricity to your home’s hot water system). 

Alternatively, you can also add a whole new system to be installed alongside your existing solar system. This can be the most effective way to avoid potential problems with the existing system.


Fix the Panel or Inverter

When your solar panel or inverter is faulty, the first step is to have it inspected by an accredited solar electrician who will let you know if it can be repaired or is damaged beyond repair. 

Even though quality panels come with a 20-25 years lifespan, sometimes solar panels become faulty way before the lifespan elapses especially if they are not well maintained.  

Generally, inverters come with a shorter lifespan of about 5 years. Hence, it’s obvious that at some point you’ll have to replace your solar system’s inverter.

It’s worth noting that solar panel and inverter repairs are quite straight forward, unless the solar system is old and doesn’t meet the existing standard AS/NZS 5033:2014. 

There may be some more work needed to upgrade the existing standard and this may come with additional costs. 

For more information and assistance, contact our accredited solar system electricians to provide expert advice on what’s ideal for your current solar system. 

Moving Your Solar System

If your existing panels are not fire-rated or not approved by CEC, you can’t move them to a different home. 

In case your solar panels need to be removed due to renovation or roof repair exercises to be done, you are allowed to remove and thereafter reinstall the existing solar system. But, keep in mind that there are some Australian Standard requirements that must be met with regards to removal and reinstatement of a system at the same spot. Feel free to speak with one of our resourceful experts today.

Removing Solar Panel to pave way for roof repairs

When your roof needs a repair, uninstalling the solar panels and reinstalling them is an exercise that’s governed by the state energy regulator upgrading rules.

However, older solar systems may not meet the new standards that govern solar system installations, hence it’s possible that your old system features solar panels, inverter, cabling, isolators or earthing that might not be up to the required standards. 

This would make upgrading an impossible mission and you might be forced to consider installing a brand new system. Since the day the old system was installed, it’s obvious that prices have significantly dropped. 

Our electrical specialists are ready to offer you reliable, honest and professional advice on the most reliable options available to help you get the best from your solar investment. 

How Our Solar Upgrade Service Works
Two men in orange shirts looking at paperwork on the hood of a car discussing solar power options.
Step One:
Consultation and Design
We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, selecting from 66+ manufacturers so you do not have to compromise with your money or with your effort.
The house is equipped with Hielscher Electrical's cutting-edge solar panels, while a truck remains parked in front.
Step Two:
We Deliver And Install
Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors, managing yourself ensures the fastest return on your solar investment.We deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, We also selecting equipment from.
A man in an orange hat is working on a Solar electrical panel.
Step Three:
We Configure And Monitor
Even after your system is installed operating, you can always count on Wholesale Solar to provide the support you need, just contact us at any time, and we will there for you. Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors.
Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Going solar not only saves you money but also gives you the opportunity to participate in saving the environment and reduce global warming which is growing at an alarming rate. A 6.6KW solar system will see you cut a staggering 10.6 tonnes of CO2 annually! Quite encouraging, isn’t it?

Why Us!

Despite these diverse developments, developments in fossil fuel systems almost entirely eliminated any wind turbine systems larger than supermicro size. In the early 1970s, however, anti-nuclear protests in Denmark spurred artisan mechanics to develop microturbines of 22 kW.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Solar Power System In Cairns
Use power from your solar panels during the day and save on your electricity bill. Use power from your solar panels during the day and save on your electricity bill.
A solar PV system is a popular feature and may add value to your property. A solar PV system is a popular feature and may add value to your property.
There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is made from sunlight rather than fossil fuels. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is made from sunlight rather than fossil fuels.
Latest Solar Projects
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Big Savings on Your Energy Bills With Solar

Installing solar panels on your roof is a viable long-term investment that delivers reduced energy bills.

Surprisingly, some of our Cairns solar customers report that they haven’t received an annual electricity bill above $10.

That’s right, $10!

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