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Hielscher Solar is Cairns’s Leading Commercial Solar Expert

Solar power is the sustainable, affordable and reliable energy solution.


Solar power is the most sustainable energy source on earth. It’s also becoming cheaper to produce every year, in contrast to mains power.


We offer the best prices on quality products for Cairns commercial solar systems. We’ll also advise on relevant rebates and tariffs. Contact us for a free quote.


Clean Energy Council Australia accredited solar system designers and installers. Qualified electricians, compliant with all OWHS.

First Class

Outstanding customer service and workmanship from first contact to solar system completion. Absolute commitment to your satisfaction.

Cairns Commercial Solar Supplier


Hielscher Electrical leads the way in the design and installation of quality Cairns commercial solar systems, delivered at the best prices, providing peak power production and performance. In the commercial area, solar is highly recommended and a very effective way to reduce your operational expenses. Why and how? Most business power consumption is during daylight hours, having a solar system producing that power reduces your reliance on the mains. As each business is different, our Clean Energy Council solar system, designers and installers will come and assess your existing power consumption, roof and surrounding factors, to create a solar solution tailored to your specific needs. We have extensive experience in creating Cairns commercial solar systems and lots of happy customers enjoying massive savings on their power bills after install. At Hielscher Electrical we are the Cairns commercial solar specialists. Contact us today to see what massive savings we can make for you and your business.

Small Business

Small business really benefits from having an efficient solar system and most are eligible for small-scale technology certificates under the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme.

Medium Business

There’s lots of financial incentives available to help offset the cost of purchase and installation of a commercial solar system, for medium business. We also offer interest free finance terms. Contact us today.

Large Business

Large business really can’t afford not to invest in solar power. Mains electricity continues to increase, while solar costs are decreasing. For big business, solar is the smart choice for sustainability.

Farms & Agriculture

Turn all that sunshine into power for your farm, nursery or shed. Large scale solar systems can be roof mounted or ground mounted and integrated with batteries to maximise power savings and efficiency.

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Hielscher Electrical provide free on-site solar inspections. This is to ensure we prepare a quote and solar solution to deliver the best results for your consumption, property and location. We work with residential, commercial and agricultural customers across Cairns and North Queensland. Contact us today on 07 4033 0521 or complete and submit our quick contact form, to arrange a free solar inspection of your property.

Cairns Commercial Solar Solutions

Our Cairns commercial solar solutions are very affordable and with our repayment options, you’ll start to see the savings straight after installation.

How much power will my commercial solar system produce? That all depends on its size, efficiency and location. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and create the best solar solution possible, for your budget and requirements.

Tailored To Suit Your Business Needs

For commercial systems, the real solar savings are achieved by self-consumption; maximizing your usage of your own solar power, rather than feeding it back into the grid.

If you want to work with a Cairns commercial solar supplier who is passionate about making solar effective for your business, then contact Hielscher Electrical today.

Hielscher Electrical in Cairns offers solar panels to power your family's future and beat rising prices.