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Cairns Solar Specialists
Cairns Solar Specialists
Cairns Solar Specialists
Local Team, Leading Brands, Quality Service

Hielscher Electrical is committed to solar energy, for its environmental as well as financial benefits, and there’s never been a better time for residential and commercial customers to commit to solar.


The cost of solar production continues to fall, while the cost of mains electricity continues to rise. Investing in solar reduces your mains consumption and eliminates the need to trench in grid power, disturbing surrounding landscapes and hardscapes. Solar is a renewable energy source and for North Queenslanders, where the sun shines a lot of the time, it makes perfect sense to harness that power to your advantage.

Every day you don’t have solar, is another day you do have to pay high electricity bills. A well-designed solar system, with or without batteries, can reduce your bill significantly and there’s some grants and incentives now available, making the change even more affordable. At Hielscher Electrical we are the Cairns solar specialists.

Quality Products
Our solar systems are designed and created using quality products from some of the world’s largest solar brands and suppliers, for superior power generation and performance backed with warranty.
Expert Advice
From experienced electricians who are solar specialists. Our team have designed, installed, and maintained hundreds of residential and commercial solar systems. You can rely on our expertise.
Best Prices
We know you want quality work, products and performance at the best prices. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders, to pass real savings on to you. We do free solar site inspections and quotes.
Solar Specials
Absolutely committed to providing quality solar services at affordable prices. We’re always working with our suppliers to offer a range of residential and commercial solar systems at the best price.
CEC Accredited Installers
Clean Energy Council accredited installers and designers, working on your solar system. We’re trained to industry best practice and we are the team completing your work. No sub-contractors here.
Awards & Milestones
Benefiting from nearly 10 years of experience.
Cairns Residential Solar Solutions

Our residential clients are making massive power bill savings, thanks to their highly effective and efficient solar systems. We design and tailor a system to suit your property, power consumption and budget.

Our Cairns residential solar systems can be grid connect, which means you use the solar you create during the day and feed any excess back into the grid. This is great for people who work from home, young families and elderly customers. Why? These customers can schedule all high energy consumption activities, like air-conditioning, washing machines and dishwashers to operate during the day, with any excess solar power fed back into the grid, generating you even more savings. These systems can be integrated with a solar battery at installation, or as an upgrade option for later.

Working With The Cairns Solar Specialists

We will introduce you to new ways in making positive changes to your current electricity usage, enabling you and your family to benefit greatly from your solar system.

Just because you missed out on the 44c feed in tariff, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of real solar savings. At Hielscher Electrical, the products we sell are the ones we use on our own homes. We know how to maximise power production and minimise power bills. Our qualified electricians will work with you, your new solar system and power sucking appliances (hot water systems and pool pumps are just the beginning) to create an integrated schedule and system, generating premium performance and cost savings. There’s still some government grants available, but these offers won’t last.

How Our Solar Power Service Works
Step One:
Consultation and Design
We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, selecting from 66+ manufacturers so you do not have to compromise with your money or with your effort.
Step Two:
We Deliver And Install
Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors, managing yourself ensures the fastest return on your solar investment.We deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, We also selecting equipment from.
Step Three:
We Configure And Monitor
Even after your system is installed operating, you can always count on Wholesale Solar to provide the support you need, just contact us at any time, and we will there for you. Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors.
Popular Solar Topics
Our solar products cover everything needed to design, install and create a premium solar system. They include PV solar panels, inverters, racking and solar batteries. Leading brands with manufacturer warranty.
Commercial solar is an investment in your business sustainability. Not only will an effective solar system reduce your power bills, it will improve your carbon footprint. We even offer interest free terms.
Absolutely committed to providing quality solar services at affordable prices. We’re always working with our suppliers to offer a range of residential and commercial solar systems at the best price.
Live monitoring showing your solar system’s power production, your consumption and how much you’re feeding back into the grid and/or your solar battery. Easy to understand, giving you more control.
Latest Solar Projects
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Hielscher Electrical provide free on-site solar inspections. This is to ensure we prepare a quote and solar solution to deliver the best results for your consumption, property and location.

We work with residential, commercial and agricultural customers across Cairns and North Queensland.

Contact us today on 07 4033 0521 or complete and submit our quick contact form, to arrange a free solar inspection of your property.

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Personalised Solutions
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