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Solar Energy Port Douglas

Switch to solar energy to cut the cost of your energy bills in sunny Port Douglas.

Take Advantage of the Great Weather in Port Douglas

Solar panels are a great way to make the most of the hot summer and warm winters that are typical of the climate in Port Douglas.

In fact, Port Douglas has some of the best conditions for generating solar energy—typically receiving well over 150 hours of sunshine every month throughout the year, it’s common for this figure to increase to well over 200 hours of sunlight during the sunnier months between June and December.

The increased sun exposure in Port Douglas means you’ll get far more bang for your buck compared to most other locations. If you’re not making the most of the energy and financial savings you have at your disposal simply because of your location, you’re missing out!

Hielscher Electrical is a reputable company in Cairns that specializes in the installation of solar panels on the roof of houses.
An aerial view of a house with solar panels on the roof in Cairns.

Why Switch to Solar Energy?

Installing solar PV panels at your home or business will benefit both the environment and your hip pocket.

It’s no secret that ‘dirty energy’ is having a dramatic impact on the environment and is a major contributor to climate change. As one of the most eco-friendly renewable energy sources, solar panels can help you significantly reduce your reliance on traditional non-renewable energy sources by simply harnessing the natural power of the sun.

With such sunny conditions in Port Douglas, most of our customers are also able to significantly reduce their energy consumption from the grid, making substantial savings on their energy bills.

Solar Energy Port Douglas - Choosing an Installer

A solar energy system is an investment you only want to make once, so it’s important to choose an accredited installer that offers high-quality products and expert advice for an affordable price.

At Hielscher Electrical, we can recommend the most suitable solar energy system based on your individual premises and your usage requirements. Locally owned and operated with over 30 years of electrical industry experience under our belt, we’ll make the transition to using solar energy an easy one.

Contact us for a free solar energy Port Douglas quote.

A man installing solar panels on a roof to harness solar power.

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Based in Cairns, Hielscher Electrical work for residential and commercial customers located across North Queensland. Our Cairns electricians are solar specialists, so talk to them about installing and/or upgrading your solar system today. Phone 07 4033 0521 or complete and submit our quick contact form.

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Hielscher Electrical in Cairns offers solar panels to power your family's future and beat rising prices.