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Is Your Solar Inverter Doomed to Fail? Inverter Lifespan and Issues

G’day! Brenton Hielscher, your reliable solar energy specialist hailing from Cairns, Queensland. In this discussion, we’ll delve into a topic that has been causing quite a stir: What are the reasons behind the failure of solar inverters? And, more importantly, what is their lifespan?

Understanding the Role of Solar Inverters

Solar power systems are like a well-oiled machine, with each part playing a crucial role. From the solar panels that harness the sun’s energy, to the batteries that store it, and the meter that measures it. But there’s one component that often gets overlooked, yet it’s as vital as the heart in our bodies – the solar inverter.

Solar inverters are the unsung heroes of any solar power system. They convert the DC electricity generated by your solar panels into AC electricity, powering your household appliances. But despite their pivotal role, they’re often the first to cop it when things go south.

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Why Do Solar Inverters Fail?

Solar inverters are more sensitive to heat and equipment failure than solar panels. They have more electrical components, which makes them more susceptible to issues. Here are some of the main culprits:

  1. Heat: Solar inverters are like us Aussies, they don’t fare well in extreme heat. High temperatures can cause the components to degrade faster, leading to premature failure.
  2. Faulty Installation: Like a kangaroo in a top hat, an improperly installed solar inverter just doesn’t work. It’s crucial to have your system installed by a certified professional to avoid unnecessary problems down the line.
  3. Humidity: Humidity can be a silent killer for solar inverters. Moisture can seep into the components, causing corrosion and eventual failure.
  4. Poor Maintenance: Solar power systems are generally low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Regular check-ups can help identify potential issues before they become costly problems.

How Long Do Solar Inverters Last?

String solar inverters typically have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, while microinverters can last for 20-25 years. But remember, this solar inverter lifespan estimate is just an average. With proper installation and maintenance, your solar inverter could last even longer.

Solar inverters are the heart of your solar power system, converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity for your home. But like any hardworking Aussie, they can sometimes hit a snag. Let’s explore the common reasons why solar inverters fail and how to tackle these issues.

The Common Culprits

  1. Overheating: Just like us after a long day in the sun, inverters can overheat. Regular cleaning of dust filters and ensuring open airflow can prevent this.
  2. Grid Fault: High or low voltage due to a grid fault can stop an inverter in its tracks. Circuit breakers or fuses can help prevent failure due to high voltage.
  3. Faulty Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Solar panels generate different voltages. MPPT algorithms extract maximum power from the panels, adjusting constantly to keep them at their Maximum Power Point. A fault in the MPPT module could lead to reduced output.
  4. Faulty Installation: If your solar panels and inverter capacity aren’t a match made in heaven, your inverter won’t work efficiently. Your solar panel capacity should be up to 133% of the inverter capacity.
  5. Fault Codes: If your inverter is throwing a wobbly, it might show a fault code. Refer to your inverter manual to troubleshoot the problem.

What to Do When Your Solar Inverter Fails?

faster than a kangaroo no a hot tin roof

Don’t panic! If your solar inverter is displaying a fault code or not restarting after a power outage, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Hielscher Electrical and Solar, our CEC accredited solar electricians can diagnose and repair your solar inverter faster than a kangaroo on a hot tin roof.

We provide residential and commercial solar power solutions across North Queensland.


Solar inverters may fail, but understanding why can help you prevent these issues and extend their lifespan. Remember, regular maintenance and professional installation are key to keeping your solar power system running smoothly.

If you need help with your solar inverter or any other part of your solar power system, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at Hielscher Electrical and Solar. We’re here to help you harness the power of the sun, one panel at a time. Until next time, stay sunny!

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  1. Cover My Inverter
    25 January 2024 - 3:27 pm

    I also appreciate your emphasis on the importance of regular maintenance and monitoring. Like any technology, solar inverters require attention to ensure optimal performance throughout their lifespan. The insight into common issues such as overheating and voltage fluctuations provides a valuable heads-up for solar system owners.

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