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The Advantages of Using an Electrical Contractor to Install Your Solar System

You’ve decided to make the leap to solar power, congratulations! It’s a major step towards lowering your energy bills –  and possibly eliminating your electrical utility costs completely. 

Going Solar is a Smart Move

So, now you’ve decided you want solar panels installed, you need to work out how to install them. You have two options – you either install them yourselves or get someone to install them for you. This article gives you the benefits of having an Electrical Contractor install your solar system.

Two men in orange shirts working on a solar power electrical system.



Along with the obvious fact that they are the professionals in the space, they can give you on the spot professional advice too. It doesn’t just end with solar system installation. You will need to learn to maintain and optimise your solar panels, as well as giving them longevity by learning how to look after them properly. An Electrical Contractor can give you that advice on the spot.


Be sure to get an Electrical Contractor whose business contract comes with a warranty period. This means that you are protected by any installation problems which may occur. If you install the solar panels on your own, you have no warranty to protect you, and any incorrect installation adjustments may turn out to be costly.


Electrical Contractors should have certain certifications and accreditations to back up their profession. This gives you peace of mind when having the professional installing your solar panels, but also you can trust that they perform many installations in homes, so will leave your property in a professional state and with the panels installed to the highest standards.

Complicated Process. 

You may think that installing your solar panels is a breeze. However, it’s a complex process that can include:

  • Installing wiring between a new electrical panel and the power system
  • Attaching racks to the roof or at other location to support the panels
  • Professional installing panels onto the racking system
  • Connecting the system’s inverter to the new electrical panel
  • Installing the power meter (for net metering) to obtain utility energy credits

With this in mind, it makes sense to leave it to the professionals. If you want more advice on the benefits of Electrical Contractors or need one to come and install your panels,

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