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Solar battery storage technology is changing the way in which we store and use energy in our homes

Numbers don’t lie! Australia’s solar market has grown by leaps and bounds as solar PV systems and battery installations continue to surge with nothing to dent the momentum.
According to the 2020 Australian Energy Council report, the country’s market for rooftop solar and battery storage installations remained remarkably resilient despite the impact of Covid-19.

Remarkably, 333, 978 rooftop solar systems and more than 31,000 batteries were installed in 2020; an estimated 20 percent growth on 2019 figures for both installations and capacity.

A staggering 1.2 gigawatt hours of energy storage capacity was also installed, more than double the 499 megawatt hours added in 2019. This pushed the cumulative storage capacity to 2.7 gigawatt-hours as per the latest Wood Mackenzie report on energy storage market in Australia.

What’s Driving Australia’s Solar Battery Market?

Increased demand for greater energy independence during daylight hours is the #1 factor behind increased uptake of solar storage batteries as more people work from home and seek to cut their electricity costs.

The rapid improvement in lithium technology is bound to increase production of smart energy storage batteries expected to significantly lower the electricity bill.

State-based schemes have also helped increase the take-up of solar storage batteries. For example, the state Government of Queensland scheme introduced in November 2018 boosted the level of adoption of storage battery-with-solar installations in 2019.

In 2020, Western Australia recorded more than double storage battery-with-solar installations at 661 compared to 316 battery installations in 2019. WA’s latest buyback scheme dubbed Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme covers electricity exports from batteries and export-capable electric vehicles at the rate of 10 cents per kWh between 3pm to 9pm and 3 c/kWh at any other hour.

Other existing state and government schemes or rebates encouraging solar system plus battery storage installations include:

The Future Of Australian Solar Storage

Moreover the growth of solar battery market in Australia is expected to get a push from declining lithium-ion battery prices, increased adoption of electric cars and the shift to renewable energy owing to increased awareness of climate change as calls to reduce the carbon footprint by corporate biggies take a center stage.

Storage Statistics

Other existing state and government schemes or rebates encouraging solar system plus battery storage installations include:

A pie chart showing the percentage of solar retail sales.
Are Solar Batteries Worth The Investment?

No doubt, solar energy storage is the future of residential energy and power management.

Since solar power is a sustainable and natural source of energy generated during daytime, the emergence of advanced energy storage technology means you can use solar power any time of day or night…even during a blackout!

Most solar storage batteries feature blackout protection hence in case of a power outage, you’ll still be able to run your home—lighting, appliances etc. on your solar energy. Imagine being the only home with lights and the dish washer on?

Or stay connected to your radio and the internet for updates during an emergency situation like bushfires, storms or floods. You can’t be guaranteed this with solar panels alone.

The thing is, solar-plus-storage modules enable homeowners to enjoy solar energy beyond daylight hours. In fact, adding a battery to your solar system can double the amount of self-generated energy produced.
Whether you are considering a solar-plus-storage installation or have solar panels and feel it’s time to add batteries, you need an experienced and licensed installer that is about $0 electricity bills and complete solar solutions. Hielscher Electrical it is!

How Our Solar Storage Service Works
Two men in orange shirts looking at paperwork on the hood of a car discussing solar power options.
Step One:
Consultation and Design
We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, selecting from 66+ manufacturers so you do not have to compromise with your money or with your effort.
The house is equipped with Hielscher Electrical's cutting-edge solar panels, while a truck remains parked in front.
Step Two:
We Deliver And Install
Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors, managing yourself ensures the fastest return on your solar investment.We deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs, We also selecting equipment from.
A man in an orange hat is working on a Solar electrical panel.
Step Three:
We Configure And Monitor
Even after your system is installed operating, you can always count on Wholesale Solar to provide the support you need, just contact us at any time, and we will there for you. Whether you want to install the system or hire local contractors.
How Solar Batteries Work In Your Home

It has been argued that expanding use of wind power will lead to increasing geopolitical competition over critical materials for wind turbines such as rare earth elements neodymium, praseodymium, and dysprosium. But this perspective has been criticised for failing to recognise that most wind turbines.

When Is the Right Time to Get Solar Batteries?

If you’re planning to install solar panels, you might have wondered whether it’s worthwhile to invest in a battery at the same time.

There are several well-known benefits of installing solar batteries and this includes electricity bill savings and protection against blackout albeit the high cost.

Buying a solar storage battery at the same time with your solar panels may just be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make for your household. It’s the best time to have your solar PV plus battery systems designed and have it pay itself off in no time.

Benefits of Home Solar Storage Batteries
Use the same power from your solar panels during the day, and during the night.
In the past, homes and businesses relied on power generators to keep the fridges on in the event of a blackout. When you install a home battery system, noise is a thing of the past.

Your neighbours will love you!
There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is made from sunlight rather than fossil fuels. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is made from sunlight rather than fossil fuels.
Solar power systems with batteries are a clean and sustainable method of energy generation for your home. By generating your own electricity from the sun you are less reliant on fossil fuels that create pollution and are harmful to the environment.
Combined costs of solar panels and battery system reduces extra installation costs and marries the two separate payback periods into one
Why Choose Hielscher Electrical?

We specialise in installing and maintaining high quality solar storage solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Queensland.

As a trusted, locally owned solar energy and storage solutions provider, we boast experienced tradesmen and certified installers with hands-on experience for excellent service delivery.

When the sun is the best thing about North Queensland, we help you make the most of it. Our innovative home solar storage solutions provide the safest, most reliable and affordable home energy.

Partnering with some of the leading brands and suppliers, we deliver a range of premium solar storage batteries that guarantee excellent performance at great prices.

As CEC Accredited solar experts, we are committed to designing, building and installing high quality solar storage solutions backed by our unmatched workmanship guarantee. We help reduce your reliance on the grid while lowering your electricity bill.

Whether in need of a batteries solar storage solution to reduce your power bills, lower your carbon footprint or protect your household against blackouts during grid outages, our solar batteries are designed for households ready for a solar and battery in a single streamlined and affordable package or adding battery to existing panels.

Available in a range of sizes to meet your specific energy needs, budget and household setup, we’ll help you save with your solar and battery system today.

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If you’re planning to make the most of Queensland’s sunshine by installing solar panels plus storage or adding a batteries solar storage solution to your panels, now is the time to contact us.

For the best batteries solar storage products and service at the best prices, contact Hielscher Electrical for a free solar power quote.

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