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Learn All About Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar Panel Maintenace

You want your solar panels to last for as long as possible. To do this, there are certain things you must do to give them a long life. From regular inspections to giving them a clean with water, take a look below at how you can maintain your solar panels for a longer and more productive life.

Two men working on solar panels on a Cairns house.
  1. Regularly inspect them. Ground-level debris and damage won’t be an issue for most of a solar panel’s life since you’re going to place them in high locations. However, the build-up of materials such as pollen or tree material can still lead to power loss, so it would be best to inspect your panels carefully from time to time.
  2. Clean them. Grime, dirt, leaves and much more can land on your solar panels which can, over time, sap its energy consumption. Use a standard garden hose to rinse the dust off, or a soft, spongy squeegee that’s mounted on a long pole if the panels need a little more clean-up than what the hose can offer. Soap is fine to use, but hose off the suds with water afterwards.
  3. Monitor sun and shade. Maximum sun exposure is exactly what your panels need. As the years pass, certain objects such as trees and new builds may block sunlight onto your solar panels, so be sure to keep an eye on these changing factors and readjust your solar panels accordingly. 

Solar Panel Failure

No matter how well you maintain your solar panels, they may fail. There are a variety of reasons your solar panels may have failed, and these include:

  1. Ground faults from field-installed connectors
  2. False or nuisance data acquisition system communication failures
  3. Low or no open circuit string voltage
  4. Low current short circuit or operating current on strings
  5. Inverter fault codes

Performing an inspection with these pain points in mind can help to nail down what the issue is. By identifying the root of the issue, you can receive a more detailed consultation over the phone before having a professional come over to repair the failure and get it working again. If you have a failed solar panel, feel free to reach out to us for support here.


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