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Solar Energy Gordonvale

The best time to switch to clean, solar energy if you’re a Gordonvale local, is now. The sooner you install solar panels, the sooner you can save both money and the environment.

Why Go Solar Now in Gordonvale?

As a Tropical North Queensland destination, Gordonvale residents enjoy a natural abundance of sunshine all year long. During the peak months from June to December, Gordonvale receives well over 200 hours of sunlight a month, and even in February when there are fewer sunny days, there’s still around 150 hours of sunshine per month.

But it’s not just Gordonvale’s ideal sunny conditions that make installing solar panels a smart investment for residents and businesses. With solar power costs at an all-time low and energy prices skyrocketing, there’s no better time to go solar!

Two men in orange shirts working on a solar power electrical system.
Two men in Cairns working on solar panels to harness solar power.

The Benefits of Saying 'Yes' to Clean, Solar Power

There are several reasons why over 2.3 million Australian households and commercial buildings have switched to solar power. With a solar energy system, you can lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and be more energy independent.

Since Gordonvale is an excellent location for solar power generation, most of our customers can produce enough electricity to cover some of their energy needs, whether they install solar PV panels or combine them with a battery system.

While it may seem costly upfront, solar panels are an investment that is easier on your wallet in the long run, on top of generating clean energy. In fact, many people are surprised at how good the payback is; a high-quality solar system can pay for itself in less than four years. The longer you have your solar system, the better the benefits you enjoy.

Accredited Specialists in Solar Energy Gordonvale

Besides finding high-quality solar power solutions, choosing a trusted, accredited installer who can offer expert advice for a competitive price makes your investment even more worthwhile.

There are no subcontractors here at Hielscher Electrical—our team of accredited solar experts have more than 30 years of experience in the industry and have access to an extensive range of quality solar brands and products.

It costs nothing to get on-site solar inspections and solar panel quotes with us. Arrange a free quote for solar energy Gordonvale today.

Two men from Hielscher Electrical are working on solar panels on a roof to harness solar power.

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Based in Cairns, Hielscher Electrical work for residential and commercial customers located across North Queensland. Our Cairns electricians are solar specialists, so talk to them about installing and/or upgrading your solar system today. Phone 07 4033 0521 or complete and submit our quick contact form.

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