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Solar Energy Mount Peter

Switching to solar energy is one of the smartest decisions you can make if you are living or working in Mount Peter. Not only do you get to save on electricity bills and enjoy lower maintenance costs, but you also reduce your carbon footprint.

Harness Solar Power in Sunny Mount Peter

Like many places in the sunny region of Cairns, sunlight is abundant in Mount Peter Estate and the surrounding areas in Mount Peter. Characterised by generous amounts of sunshine, these conditions make installing a solar energy system a worthwhile investment.

Even during the months when it receives the least amount of sunlight, Mount Peter still boasts of pleasantly warm weather and more than 150 hours of sunshine per month. In the peak months from June to December, locals receive an estimated 200 hours of sunlight each month.

With the natural abundance of sunshine, solar energy customers in the area get more bang for their buck. It only makes sense to install a solar system in this ideal climate!

A man is installing solar panels on a wall.

Saving on Energy Bills While Going Green

Solar power is not only one of the best cost-effective energy sources, but also an environmentally friendly alternative to mains electricity. As a natural and renewable energy source, it produces zero carbon emissions and does not contribute to air or water pollution.

The only thing solar panels need to produce energy is sunlight, and Mount Peter has a lot of it.

Installing solar panels also reduces the costs on power bills dramatically, providing solar-powered communities with a degree of independence from fossil fuels and mains electricity.

Choose a Solar Energy Mount Peter Expert

When making the switch to solar power, you will need accredited specialists that can give you practical advice and provide high-quality products on top of competitive pricing. Expert installers can help you choose a solar energy system that fits your energy needs.

With a team that has well over 30 years of electrical experience, Hielscher Electrical’s solar energy experts can design customised solar energy systems for residences and businesses in Mount Peter Estate and the surrounding suburb of Mount Peter. We take time to assess your property, energy consumption, and budget to come up with the best possible solution for you. 

Get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation and quote for solar energy Mount Peter Estate.

Two men working on solar panels on a roof in Cairns for Hielscher Electrical.

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