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SolarEdge Inverter Systems

Established in 2006, SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology and services both the residential and commercial markets.

SolarEdge offer the biggest warranty in the market, with 12 year parts and labour protection, and Hielscher Electrical are proud to be Far North Queensland’s preferred partner and installer.

What Sets SolarEdge Inverter Systems Apart

The unique DC Optimiser Inverter design is the key point of difference between SolarEdge systems and solar systems from other providers.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems traditionally adopt either a ‘string’ or ‘microinverter’ design:

String inverter systems: Multiple PV panels are connected on a single ‘string’ which makes them cost-effective, however if one panel is shaded, dirty or damaged, it will affect the efficiency of every panel on the entire string.

Microinverter systems: A microinverter is installed on each individual PV panel which allows you to control each panel individually to maximise energy harvesting, however they typically cost a lot more than string set-ups.

The SolarEdge system combines the best of both worlds by splitting the traditional inverter functionality into two core components—the power optimiser and a simplified inverter.

Power optimisers are pre-installed on each PV panel, transforming them into intelligent panels which provide panel level tracking and real-time adjustments of current and voltage (functions which aren’t generally available with string systems).

The PV system is combined with a simplified inverter (which is similar to a traditional inverter), which also includes a cloud-based monitoring platform to provide comprehensive performance data at the panel, string, inverter and system level, making it easier to detect and diagnose any faults and analyse performance.

The system also includes enhanced safety features which allow you to minimise DC voltage output when needed.

SolarEdge Residential Solutions

SolarEdge offers a complete suite of residential solar energy solutions including smart modules, inverters, power optimisers, smart energy management, electric vehicle (EV) charging, battery storage and home automation devices.

Smart Panels and Power Optimiser

SolarEdge premium smart energy panels adopt a sleek design with black frame for an improved aesthetic, and come pre-assembled with an in-built power optimiser which allows you to harvest more energy per panel while also offering enhanced safety and live system monitoring.

SolarEdge Inverter Options

SolarEdge provide a range of inverter options to suit your individual system requirements, including:

  • Single phase inverter with HD-wave technology
  • Three phase inverter, and
  • StorEdge inverter for use in combination with a battery.

The StorEdge Inverter System

The intelligent StorEdge inverter system allows you to pair your PV system with leading battery storage systems. Managing both your solar energy and battery storage through a single system, the StorEdge inverter automatically directs solar energy to be stored and made available when you need it, day or night.

Creating a Smart Energy Home

SolarEdge systems can be combined with a Smart Energy Relay and Smart Energy units which allow you to do more with your solar energy. You can power your hot water system, cool or heat your home, charge your electric vehicle or store your solar energy in a battery for later use.

Real-time and Remote Monitoring

The MySolarEdge app allows you to monitor and control your home’s energy usage in real-time from any location, from the palm of your hand.

SolarEdge Commercial Solutions

SolarEdge is a recognised leader in the commercial sector, offering innovative solar power solutions that help you get a return on your investment sooner.

Their unique system design allows you to utilise all available space to maximise your energy yield, while real-time monitoring ensures you have complete visibility and control of your solar energy generation and usage. Their products are also backed by longer-than-most warranty periods.

Benefits of Choosing a SolarEdge System for Your Business

Harvest more power from each panel

Because Hielscher Electrical have partnered with Tindo as the authorised reseller for Far North Queensland, the can offer an exclusive 25 year warranty.

Cost-saving design

The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter model allows you to utilise longer panel strings, saving up to 50% on electrical Balance of System (BoS).

Increased energy production

More flexible site design allows you to install more PV panels to increase system capacity and generate more power.

Simple monitoring and maintenance

Free panel-level monitoring and remote maintenance for 25 years.


New panels are compatible with older panels and inverters are affordable to replace if needed when out of warranty.

Improved safety features

Intelligent design reduces safety risk to installers, electricians and firefighters.

Find out more about our range of solar products or contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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