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Tindo Solar Panels

Tindo Solar is the only Australian manufacturer of solar panels. Founded in 2010, Tindo Solar is a wholly Australian-owned business known for producing some of the highest quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels available.

Hielscher Electrical is proud to support Tindo, and are the authorised reseller for Far North Queensland. This allows us to extend the standard warranty period from 12 years 25 years.

A Solar-powered house with panels on the roof.

Tindo Karra Panels

Tindo Karra is Tindo Solar’s signature panel design. A 315-380 watt mono-chrystalline design using Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology, Tindo Karra panels are available in 60, 66 and 72 cell options.

Tindo Karra panels are also manufactured using products from some of the most reputable and well-renowned suppliers including:  

  • Dow Corning: Uses premium Dow Corning silicone panel edge seals which are known for their lap shear strength and cohesiveness.
  • DuPont: The Karra-315 uses film-based DuPont back sheets which protect important panel components by acting as a vapour barrier.

What We Like About Tindo Solar Panels

Here are a few of the reasons why we like using Tindo Solar panels:

Rigorous quality testing

Tindo solar panels undergo extensive quality assurance testing to ensure each panel performs as specified. All panels undergo electro-luminescence testing and validation to detect any panel defects and ensure power-output is as intended as per the nameplate rating. Find out more about quality testing in Tindo’s desert test here.


Australian-made products generally compete on quality rather than price, but often prove to be the option that offers better overall ‘value’ over the lifetime of the product. While Tindo Solar panels may not be the cheapest panels on the market, they are still cost-competitive, using automation and advanced robotics in during the manufacturing process to keep costs down. Being locally-made, they also derive cost savings from the lower logistical overheads compared to the imported alternatives.

Backed by a solid warranty

Because Hielscher Electrical have partnered with Tindo as the authorised reseller for Far North Queensland, the can offer an exclusive 25 year warranty.

Highly efficient

The use of PERC technology significantly increases cell performance efficiency, offering a high module conversion efficiency up to 19.1%.


Slimline design which adopts thin wires with black cells and frames enhances the visual appearance of the panels.

Developed to suit the harsh Australian climate

Made in Australia for Australian customers, Tindo Solar panels are shown to be one of the highest performing panels in ongoing field tests conducted at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre in Alice Springs.

Perform well in all weather conditions, including low light

Tindo panels use advanced glass and solar cell surface texturing which allows them to perform well irrespective of the light and temperature conditions.

Contact Hielscher Electrical for more information about Tindo Solar panels or to arrange a quote for your home or business.

A logo for Tindo Solar, a company specializing in solar power and solar panels. The logo design incorporates elements representing renewable energy and the Hielscher Electrical brand identity.
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