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Product Review: Hanwha Q CELLS Solar Panels

Headquartered in two powerful cities—Seoul in South Korea and Thalheim in Germany, Hanwha Q CELLS is certainly one of the biggest solar system manufacturers in the world.

Boasting an attractive combination of reasonable pricing and superior quality, Hanwha Q Cells is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for smart solar shoppers.

When it comes to your solar investment, a little research and review of product options on the market would go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

To make your research process quick and easy, Hielscher Electrical has carefully created this Hanwha Q CELLS review to help end your search.

As one of the leading solar experts with solid partnerships with renowned solar panel brands and suppliers, we deliver a range of high quality solar products, at great prices.

Our solar systems guarantee excellence performance, thanks to our innovative solar system designs and installations that are backed by our workmanship guarantee.

What makes Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels unique

When evaluating the quality of a solar panel, there are four critical metrics you need to review: performance, efficiency, price and warranties. Hielscher Electrical has created honest reviews for each metric to help you make an informed solar decision.

We have also developed a detailed comparison between Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels and those from other leading solar systems that often featured in our comprehensive range of solar specials for homes and businesses looking for the best solar panels in Queensland.

Q Solar Panel performance (temperature coefficient)

For this metric, we are going to consider the temperature coefficient in determining the performance of a solar panel. The temperature coefficient indicates how effective your panel can operate in less-than-ideal conditions.

Just like any other electronic equipment, solar panels can perform better when stored in cool temperatures—the ideal temperature here is 25° C/77° F. The temperature coefficient determines the level at which your solar systems performance will change on a given hot and sunny summer day.

As the degree rises beyond 25° C (77° F), the panel’s energy generation decreases as per its temperature coefficient. For instance, the Q CELLS Q.POWER-G5 280 solar panel comes with a standard temperature coefficient of -0.4%/°C.

So when the solar panel’s temperature rises by one degree from 25° C (77° F) to 26° C (79° F), its power generation drops by 0.4%. And in case the temperature rises to 35° C (95° F), electricity generation falls by 4%.

Obviously, your panels will experience a good number of hot and sunny days in the course of the year; hence, they will record the lowest possible temperature coefficient.

Q Power efficiency

Solar panel efficiency in this context refers to the panel’s ability to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity. Given similar conditions, a high-efficiency solar system will generate more power than a same-size panel with lower efficiency. In that regard, a higher efficiency score is most preferable.

The efficiency rating of your Hanwha Q CELLS panels will vary based on the model you choose for your system. In Q CELLS’ broad range of products, consumers can find solar panels with efficiency levels from 14.7% to 19.6%. In general, majority of Q CELLS solar panels fall under the “standard” efficiency scale for solar panels, although panels that come with 18% efficiency or more can be deemed “high efficiency”.

Q cells solar panel prices: What’s the cost of Hanwha solar panels?

For many consumers, the final purchase decision for a solar product rests with its price tag. The ultimate price you pay for a solar system with Hanwha Q CELLS panels will differ based on related equipment such as the inverters and mounts that come in handy during installation, alongside the roof’s features.

To get the average price for Hanwha Q CELLS solar systems, we evaluated quotes from some of the best solar installers to various homeowners. Generally, the price of Hanwha Q CELLS panels ranges between $2.59 and $3.29 per kilowatt, which sets Q CELLS apart as one of the best priced systems on the home solar market.

Currently, an average 6kW solar panel has a gross price (before deducting any tax credit and other incentives) ranging from $15,540 to $19,740. Thankfully, with the various state solar rebates and incentives, homeowners end up paying less and reduced upfront costs.

Hanwha Q CELLS Warranties

Regardless of the product you’re purchasing—a car, television or solar panel, a dependable manufacturer must back their product with a sound warranty.

A solar panel materials warranty (also referred to as an equipment or product warranty) is basically a surety from the manufacturer that in case the panel fails to work as a result of defects arising during manufacturing or environmental problems, then the manufacturer will replace your solar panel.

Most panel manufactures give a 10-year product warranty but the more superior, top-class solar panels have a 12, 15, 20 or 25-year warranty. Hanwha Q CELLS panels come with a 12-year warranty against any sort of defect in their solar systems.

Finding the best price on Hanwha Q CELLS panels

The best way to ensure you’re buying the best Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels for your Cairns home or business is to talk to one of the Hielscher Electrical Cairns solar panel experts before making the plunge. When you contact a qualified, licensed solar installer that offers Hanwha solar panels, then you’ll be able to get expert advice on the right combination of cost and performance/efficiency that meets your every need.

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  1. Archer Jamison
    25 April 2023 - 5:58 pm

    Great article on the Hanwha Q Cells solar panels! It’s always helpful to read reviews of specific products to get a better idea of their quality and effectiveness.

    I appreciated the thorough breakdown of the features and benefits of these solar panels, as well as the comparison to other brands. The section on the technology used in these panels was particularly informative, and it’s impressive to see the level of innovation and efficiency that goes into producing them.

    It’s also helpful to see the potential cost savings that can be achieved through using these panels, as well as the environmental benefits of using solar energy.

    Overall, this review provides a comprehensive overview of the Hanwha Q Cells solar panels and their potential advantages. Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise on this product!

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