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EOFY 2023 Instant Asset Write-Off on Solar for Your Business In Cairns
Discuss the benefits of the EOFY 2023 Instant Asset Write-Off on Solar for businesses in Cairns. Highlight the economic and environmental advantages of solar power for businesses and explain how they can claim this tax deduction. Discuss the eligibility criteria and the process of claiming the instant asset write-off.
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Unlock Savings with the Solar Power Rebate in Cairns
Are you a Cairns resident looking to invest in solar power systems or solar panels? If so, you'll want to know all about the Cairns Solar Power Rebate! As a solar panel expert with years of experience in the Cairns solar industry, I've seen firsthand how this rebate can help you save big on your...
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NQ Solar Boom 2.0: Cairns Public Housing Set for Solar Overhaul!
The 2023 Budget proposal includes a $500 million electrification fund, aiming to retrofit solar panels on public housing across Australia, including Cairns and North Queensland. If approved, the initiative could save households up to $750 per year, promote sustainable living, and ensure the benefits of renewable energy are accessible to all Australians.
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Ergon Solar Tariff to Surge by 40%: A Win For Households
In a surprising turn of events, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has proposed a nearly 40% increase in the Ergon solar tariff for regional Ergon network customers. The proposed rate will rise from the current 9.3c/kWh to 12.9c/kWh, which is a stark contrast to the decreasing solar tariff rates seen in other National Electricity Market...
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Solar Power System Safety – Cairns Flood Events
Did you know that your home solar power system can become a major electrical safety risk to you and the emergency crews during or in the aftermath of a severe storms or a Cairns floods.
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Locals Guide to Securing the Best Solar Installation in Cairns
Discover the ultimate guide to solar installation in Cairns, designed for locals seeking the best solar installers and systems. This comprehensive resource covers essential factors to consider, including company experience, credentials, costs, and available rebates. Equip yourself with the knowledge to confidently transition to solar energy, reduce electricity bills, and contribute to a greener future...
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Is Solar Panel Recycling A Thing?
Recycling solar panels can help fix the problem at both ends of the PV lifecycle, thereby addressing the raw material need with recycled resources significantly reducing the overall waste.
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Happy Australia Day 2022
As the leading Cairns solar company that delivers the best Australian made solar products like Tindo Solar Panels and Redback technologies, we join the rest of Aussies to celebrate, respect and reflect on the wonderful experiences that define who we are.
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Redback Technologies: New Solar Inverters And Storage Batteries
Redback Technologies' new look rolled out this week with their new branding and we are very excited about it! The new brand pays homage to the Australian heritage, as well as our joint re-commitment to our purpose to help power a cleaner tomorrow for future generations.
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Do Solar Panels Increase Cairns Home Values?
This post is here to tell you more about how solar panels increase your property’s value and whether investors are looking for residential properties in Cairns with solar power systems.
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