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Happy Australia Day 2022

Today is Australia Day, a day when we all get to adorn the Australian spirit and celebrate us and our achievements! It only happens once a year and so why not do something Australian?


Jan 26 is sure a day to reflect on our rich history; which we are all a part of. Dating back to centuries ago, this public holiday marks the day when the First Fleet of British Ships arrived at New Holland (before it was renamed Australia) back in 1788.

Notably, Australian Day was only recognised decades later, with records showing celebrations that took place as early as 1808.

Surprisingly, it was until a century later in 1935 that all states and territories in Australia adopted the term but again, it’s until 1994 that January 26 was universally accepted as a national holiday across all Australian states and territories.

There’s no doubt that Australia is great and Hielscher Electrical is proudly part of this greatness!

As the leading Cairns solar company that delivers the best Australian made solar products like Tindo Solar Panels and Redback technologies, we join the rest of Aussies to celebrate, respect and reflect on the wonderful experiences that define who we are.

This year’s Australia Day comes on a Tuesday—not really the best day for a holiday but hey, we must rock it like we should! Here are two ideas to make it the most fantastic day yet:

1. Explore the country

Get in touch with Australia’s wonderful nature. Explore the pleasures of outdoors on this Australia Day. Pre your bike, fire up your boat or lace-up your hiking boots and get out there. And please pack your car, it’s not needed today.

2. Get Patriotic

Show Australia some love by doing something that will outlive you. Plant some flowers or trees around your garden; or contribute to an environmental organisation like Planet Ark. If you have installed rooftop solar panels, take time to inspect them. Are they dirty, cracked or obstructed? If yes, consider scheduling an appointment with a maintenance service.    

Have fun!

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