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Can Solar Panels Power Air-conditioning in Cairns

We say a resounding YES!

Energy from the sun can efficiently power air-conditioning in Cairns and help cool the space in your home or workplace. However, when it comes to powering your normal air-conditioner, there are several factors you need to consider before deciding the exact number of panels required to capture maximum rays from the sun and convert them into electricity.

But first, it’s important that you understand how to set up a functional solar air-conditioning structure. Creating such a framework will require you to answer some basic questions relating to panels and air conditioners. These include:

  • Can your air conditioner run solely on solar power?
  • How many solar panels are needed to power your air conditioner?
  • What is the total number of watts used by the air-conditioner?
  • How many solar panels can run a 3600 watt air-conditioner?
  • List of the quantity of solar panels required for different air-conditioner wattage (We’ll provide this at the end of this post)

Can your air conditioner run solely on solar power?

Solar power can adequately run your air conditioner. Powering an air-conditioner in Cairns using solar panels is a more reliable and convenient way to save money and the environment. All you need are quality solar panels and one converter system.

Whether connected to the main grid or completely off-grid, you can still run your air-conditioner with solar power. Using solar power significantly reduces your overall electricity costs.

A system tied to the grid ensures that you have backup energy during evening or during cloudy days. Once connected to the grid, you’ll never have to worry about batteries.

If you operate on an off-grid system or are planning to run your air-conditioner on solar power during the evening or on those cloudy days, solar batteries are for you. However, you need to know that most home solar storage batteries currently on the market (including the Australian made Redback Technology batteries or premium Tesla Powerwall can only power air-conditioning units for a very short time before going dry).   

As such, you can always power your air-conditioner using solar power and save big on those air conditioning energy costs. Relying on ecologically friendly energy guarantees sustainable electricity generated for free.

How many solar panels do you need to power air-conditioning in Cairns?

This trickles down to the size of your air-conditioner system. For instance, the small 3.5kW air-conditioner draws about 3.5kWs while running to attain the set temperature. Once this temperature is reached, the unit then uses about half of the total (1.75kW) to maintain the room’s temperature at this level.

As described above, operating a 4kW solar panel running in good condition from 9am to 3pm would eventually cover the start-up usage and ongoing consumption.

Remember these are just basic illustrations. For more detailed information, please stay in touch and we’ll advise you accordingly.

What’s the total number of watts used by an air-conditioner?

Based on its functionality, an air conditioner can use varied wattage. Air conditioners common on the Australian market are mainly the ducted or split systems. A ducted system features several outlets within the home or business as well as a centralised air-conditioner system responsible for supplying cool air across all the outlets. On the other hand, a split system involves a single air-conditioner unit usually wall-mounted and is designed for the immediate space where the system is placed. 

Also, a split system starts at 2.5kW and can increase to about 10kW. On the other hand, ducted units are larger and vary based on the size of the property and the number of outlets required.

How many solar panels can power a 3600W air-conditioner?

For example, if you choose to install 250-watt solar panels, a total of 15 solar panels will be required to power a 3600-watt air-conditioner.

This is usually the most common air conditioning capacity that is also more ideal for homeowners and small businesses looking to keep their spaces cool. 

An array of 15 panels is enough to power a centralised air conditioner. And depending on the total watts and available solar panels, this measure is considered perfect.

When you compare this to your monthly bill of powering a 3600-watt air conditioner, then solar becomes the most affordable and reliable option for your home or business. You’ll eventually own an advanced cooling unit at minimal cost.

Notably, a 3600-watt air conditioner matches a one-ton air-conditioner. In essence, 15 quality solar panels can adequately run a one-ton air-conditioner.

Keep in mind that these are just estimates and 15 solar panels can only generate sufficient energy for a 3600-watt air-conditioner when running at peak times.

Again, different solar panels have varied production and performance levels that also rely on the amount of daylight, panel capacity and the place of installation.

List of the quantity of solar panels required for different air-conditioner wattage (We’ll provide this at the end of this post)

The table below provides accurate information with regards to solar panels required to generate adequate electricity.

Types of Air-conditionerWattageNumber of 250W Solar Panels
Central Air Conditioner3500 Watts15 solar panels
Central A/C Fan Only750 Watts3 solar panels
Largest Window Units1440 Watts6 solar panels
Medium Window900 Watts4 solar panels
Smallest Window500 Watts2 solar panels
Table showing the Number of Panels Required for Different AC Wattage

To make the best choice, feel free to contact our professional electricians to help you choose the solar system that would be sure to power air-conditioning in your home or workplace.

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