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Trina Solar

First opening their doors in 1997, and entering the New York Stock Exchange in 2006, Trina Solar is a specialist company focused on the manufacturing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, and system integration.

Increased power generation with MBB & half-cut technologies

The Honey M adopts multi-busbar technologies, shortening the current conduction distance by as much as 50%, lowering internal ribbon resistance loss. Equipped with narrow and fine busbars, more sunlight will be reflected to the round ribbon, increasing energy efficiency levels further. The half-cut cell design can reduce power loss by as much as 1/4. All this results in a module with 2% higher efficiency levels than previous modules.

Reduced LCOE by improved performance

The module achieves high power generation capacity when in high irradiation zones thanks to it’s multi-busbar design. The cell’s half-cut design allows the PV module to work at lower temperatures, improving per watt energy generation. On top of all this, the Honey M’s unique cell string structure manages to reduce energy loss due to mismatch caused by inter-row shading to a significant degree.

Product Documents

Product Brochure: Trina 370W Data Sheet.pdf


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 176.3 × 104.0 × 3.5 cm


Product Performance Warranty

25 years

Country of Manufacture


Product Warranty

15 years


370 Watt

Warranted Degradation

2% First Year, 0.55% Annual Power Attenuation


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