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Australian Made Solar Panel Company Tindo Solar Introduces It’s Biggest Solar Panels Yet

Australia’s only solar manufacturing company Tindo Solar recently introduced its biggest rooftop solar modules yet. According to our countries only Australian made solar panel company Tindo, a brand-new 410 Watt Karra solar panel has received a green light for STC rebates and rollout into the market.

The new Australian made solar panel is founded on the M10 wafers and will form part of the wide range of Karra modules, boasting a 23.1 per cent cell efficiency and 20.6 per cent module efficiency. 

The 410 Watt Karra solar panel features 108 half-sliced monocrystalline cells as per the M10 wafers (an equivalent of 182 mm). The panel performs at an optimal system current of 1,500 Volts with a temperature coefficient of -0.34 per cent for every degree Celsius.

This new Australian made solar panel weighs 21.5kg and comes in sizes of 1,731 mm x 1,149 mm x 40 mm. The module is made of tempered glass that’s nestled within a black frame built with anodized aluminum alloy, engineered to withstand Cairns cyclones, South East Queensland storms and giant hail in Brisbane that damages metal roofs.

Furthermore, the company has gone ahead to offer a 25-year performance warranty and 25-year product guarantee. Its end-current output is estimated at below 80% of output power.

According to Shayne Jaenisch Chief Exec Officer of Tindo Solar Company, the 410 Watts Karra Australian made solar panel was designed to meet the demands of the increasingly complex residential solar market.

He added that the initial order for the solar panels that are currently being manufactured in Adelaide at Tindo’s headquarters, was from a well-established company.  

Exponential growth in solar market

About a decade ago, Aussies yearned for rooftop solar power and rebates and FIT (feed-in tariffs) were introduced in a bid to drive more solar installations.

As it is now, the solar market is focusing more on solar panels with storage battery, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and energy supply at a more reliable and efficient output.  

Jaenisch explained that the 410 Watt solar panel was tested by a certification body—TUV SUD Korea. Engineers from the body confirmed its ability to deliver a module efficiency of around 21 per cent and a cell efficiency of 23.1 per cent.

The cell-to-module (CTM) loss ratio was a negligible figure of 0.07 per cent. Tindo Solar noted that the industry’s energy efficiency for a solar panel is averaged between 17 per cent and 19 per cent; with the average of CTM loss approximated at 2 per cent to 3 per cent.

We should be proud that in Australia we have the engineers and the technical skills to commercially produce one of the highest-performing solar panels in the world, right here in Adelaide,

Shayne Jaenisch Chief Exec Officer of Tindo Solar Company

It’s inevitable that for Australia to lead and sustain the global energy transition, the country needs to design and develop superior capacity for renewables.

Jaenisch further stated that Tindo had a quest to fix the rising demand for ethical and sustainably manufactured solar modules, with their latest innovation expected to bring an end-of-life recycling guarantee.

“Australians are pretty serious about recycling and forced labor,” he stated. “We chose to have a leading global assurance firm audit our supply chains for issues such as forced labour, and we’re offering a panel recycling guarantee to ensure any decommissioned solar panel is recycled for industrial re-use by companies like Reclaim PV.”

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