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Hyundai Solar Panels: What’s The Hyundai Name Worth?

After being out of the Australian market for 7 good years, Hyundai solar panels have resurfaced this time with a bang.

First, I need to make it clear that Hyundai solar panels are manufactured by Hyundai Green Energy, a totally different company from Hyundai Motors. So in case your solar system gets a problem, please don’t show up at the Hyundai car dealer near you seeking help.

While the old Hyundai solar panels installed on Australian roofs a few years ago seem to have recorded excellent performance, the latest arrivals haven’t been around long enough to prove their efficiency.

However, the exciting news is that their new solar panels are tier one hence a surety of top panel quality.

Some of the characteristics of new Hyundai panels include:

  • High efficiency of up to 18.4% for a standard-sized 60 cell solar panel and up to 18.6% efficiency for the larger 72 cell solar panel.
  • They are salt and mist corrosion resistant hence ideal for installation anywhere in Australia.
  • 12-year product warranty supersedes the 10 years of selected tier one panels.
  • 30-year performance warranty; far much better than the normal 25 years.
  • Hyundai Green Energy has a physical location in Sydney, Australian.

Manufactured By Hyundai Green Energy — Not Hyundai Motors

Hyundai solar systems are manufactured by Hyundai Green Energy, a South Korean company and a subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industry, which separated from Hyundai Group in 2002. Other manufacturing locations for the company include China and Vietnam.

Ideally, purchasing solar panels from Hyundai sounds like a great idea given that they have been around for over 7 decades and with their solid financial position, they could last for many decades to come.

Ambitious Plans For Australia

Hyundai Green Energy has indicated a plan to stick to their “aggressive growth strategy”. Of course, if you’re not business minded then that’s sure to boggle your mind. But the company promised that they were not going to charge a lot for their solar panels.

When compared to other tier one solar panels, Hyundai panels were reasonably priced. Indeed, what matters to most home owners is the overall cost of installing a solar energy system—not so much as to whether the solar panels are lower or a little higher in pricing compared to similar panels.

Hyundai Solar Panels

There are two types of Hyundai Green Energy panels available on the Australian market. The standard-sized 60 cell solar panel which is common in residential installations and the larger-sized 72 cell solar panel reserved for commercial and large-scale solar installations. According to the company, the two types of panels range from 275-300 watts and 300-360 watts respectively.

Efficiency Loss Due To Heat

It’s unfortunate that solar panels do lose some level of efficiency as their temperatures rise. Thankfully, the amount of loss is way lesser compared to the efficiency loss that cooled-fossil fuel or coal-powered plants ultimately suffer when temperatures are blazing hot. The efficiency loss reduces the output of solar panels by about 0.4% for every rise in temperature beyond 25 degrees. Given that Hyundai solar panels suffer a decreased efficiency of 0.41%, it’s within the normal range—nothing queer.

Hyundai Solar Panels Should Be Reliable

Since Hyundai Green Energy’s solar panels are tier one, they are mostly sold to large-scale solar farms and commercial projects. And with a 30-year performance warranty, the panels are bound to deliver good output after many years of exposure to harsh elements. Even though their new panels haven’t been on the Australian market for long, we expect them to remain top quality and reliable.

All in all, being a tier one panel manufacturer means the company’s financial stability has been checked. While the name “Hyundai” offers no guarantee that the company won’t suffer financial problems or go under in future, we are hopeful that the solar panels will last for decades to come and you will have no reason to submit a warranty claim.

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