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Redback Technologies: New Solar Inverters And Storage Batteries

The QLD based solar storage powerhouse Redback Technologies has an exciting new look that is crowned with new and innovative inverter and solar storage products designed with Australians in mind.

Established in 2015 in Brisbane, Australia, Redback Technologies’ main objective from the very beginning was to design solutions and systems that perfectly suit the Australian market and conditions.

However, the company’s new website unveiled a few hours ago is aimed at complementing the Redback’s brand relaunch. And the new logo is simply spiffy, a look that is nothing close to the redback spider we all know.

New Redback Inverters

SI5000 Redback Solar Inverter
SI5000 Redback Solar Inverter

Previously, Redback only manufactured hybrid inverters for pairing with their battery storage systems. That changed and now the company has introduced Redback Smart Inverters—basically single-phased inverters with 5, 6, 8 and 10kVA (kW) output categories, accompanied by a WiFi dongle and smart meter as standard. The Redback inverters are expected to become available towards the end of November and meet the AS4777.2 (2020) standard.

You can download the Redback Smart Inverter Datasheet here.

“I think our very Australian approach, based on relationships, a focus on local support and community engagement is what makes us stand out.”

New Solar Storage Batteries

Redback Technologies also increased its Smart Battery range with two more models. In addition to the existing SB7200, the new SB9600 battery boasts a nominal storage capacity of 9.6kWh, with the bigger SB14200 battery delivering 14.2kWh of storage capacity.

You can download the Redback Smart Battery datasheet here.

Notably, the datasheet only includes maximum storage capacities and not the usable capacities.

The SB9600 and SB14200 come with a 4.5kW output rating, while the SB7200 has active power output rating of 3.3kW.

All the three solar storage battery models can supply backup power in case of outage as long as there’s a backup circuit connection and availability of battery energy.

Just like their latest Smart Battery products, existing models like the Smart Hybrid and 3-Phased Smart Hybrid modular systems will still be available on the market, delivering up to 28.4kWh of storage capacity.

The new inverters and storage battery systems are expected on the Australian market starting next month.

Double The Warranty

Redback Technologies has doubled its product warranty from 5 years to 10 years across all its product range. Warranty work can be done onsite by Redback or by another certified technician; or offsite by an authorised repair facility.

Despite the fact that warranties are ideal for the primary location, they can be transferred to another home owner.


Mr Matweew claims that the rebranding marks a new chapter in Redback Technologies’ story.

“The whole Redback team is very proud to demonstrate that there is space and opportunity for a local, Australian start-up to get into the very competitive solar market and make a difference,” he stated. “I think our very Australian approach, based on relationships, a focus on local support and community engagement is what makes us stand out – This is how we want to continue to make a positive difference in powering a cleaner tomorrow.” Redback’s announcement and website extensively mention Australia, but it’s ironical that the Company’s gear is manufactured in China (and of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that).

For a quote on the Redback Smart Battery Systems for your home, click here get in touch with one of our friendly staff today.

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