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Prizes Offered To Find EV Charging Stations And EV Ownership In North Queensland

As Australia experiences an increased uptake of electric vehicles (EV), it’s inevitable that some regions might record, for a while, a higher percentage of electric cars than others.

(Before they reach the level of being the only vehicle type in the market and internal combustions motors get downgraded to being mere future ‘barn finds’ by our great grandchildren)

Meanwhile, to find out how inconsistent distribution of EVs is in Australia, the two main energy network operators in Queensland—Energex and Ergon) recently kicked off a campaign for EV owners in Queensland just to find out where all of the electric cars are as well as the EV charging stations.

In return for registering your Electric Vehicle with the companies, you will enter into a draw for $6,000 worth of gift cards that are being offered between August 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022.

This is offered at the rate of two $500 cards every month. Keep in mind that all entries selected are returned to the draw for potential wins again—hence it’s advisable that you register early for greater chances of winning.

So why is this? Their press release states it clearly:

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is forecast to become a significant component of the total residential electricity demand in Queensland by 2030. If EV charging is well managed, it could deliver benefits to EV owners, electricity network operators like us, others in the electricity supply chain, governments and communities. To help us manage EV charging on our network, we need a good understanding of where, when and how EVs are being charged in Queensland.

How it works

To find details about the competition, terms and conditions and to lodge an entry, you can visit the Energex or Ergon websites (based on which region you are in) as shown below.

Those residing within the Ergon network area can click the link below:

Those residing within the Energex network region can check the link below:

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