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Will My Solar Still Work in Cairns Power Outages?
Living in Cairns means dealing with frequent power outages, especially during cyclone season. Standard solar panels won't work in a blackout unless paired with a battery system. Learn how battery storage, generator changeover switches, and PV Points can keep your home powered and safe during outages. Plus, discover why it's crucial to have your solar...
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Solar Panel Maintenance in Cairns: Extend Your System’s Lifespan
Maintaining your solar panels in Cairns is crucial for ensuring their efficiency and longevity. In this guide, we cover essential maintenance tips including regular cleaning, visual inspections, and performance monitoring. Learn how to manage shading issues and keep a maintenance log to ensure your solar system continues to provide reliable, clean energy for your home...
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How Solar Storage Batteries in Cairns Safeguard Homes During Cyclones and Storms
Harnessing the abundant sunshine in Cairns, Queensland, has never been more crucial. Our article explores the pivotal role of home batteries in ensuring uninterrupted power, especially during storms and cloudy days. We delve into how these batteries work, their performance in extreme weather, and the government's upcoming Battery Booster Rebate Scheme in 2024, offering rebates...
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Cyclone Jasper vs Cairns: A Solar Owner’s Survival Guide
As Cyclone Jasper nears Cairns, it's crucial to perform a 'storm check' on your solar panels, not only for their safety but also to prepare for any potential insurance claims. I'm Brenton Hielscher, your local solar expert, here to guide you through safeguarding your solar system against the storm's impact. By taking proactive steps now,...
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Solar Power & Cairns Weather: Cloudy Weather Solar Performance
Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. These cells can capture both direct and diffused sunlight. In fact, Germany, a country known for its cloudy weather, is one of the world's top solar energy producers. So, a bit of cloud cover doesn't mean your panels are on a break. They're just working...
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Net Metering: The Green Energy Game-Changer You Need to Know About
Did you know about net metering? It's like having your very own solar power savings account! With this billing arrangement, you get credits for the extra electricity you generate and contribute back to the grid.
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Power Up Your Home: Key Points for Upgrading an Existing Solar System
In our quest for a sustainable future, more and more homeowners are turning to solar power as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills. If you're one of the many proud owners of an existing solar system, congratulations on taking that first step towards a greener home! But what if...
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Is Your Solar Inverter Doomed to Fail? Inverter Lifespan and Issues
Solar inverters are more vulnerable to heat and equipment failure than solar panels due to their higher amount of electrical components, which can degrade faster and lead to premature failure in extreme temperatures, while also being susceptible to issues caused by faulty installation, humidity causing corrosion, and poor maintenance.
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Making the Switch: Toy Libraries Switch to Solar Energy
For a long time, toy libraries have positively impacted their communities by offering a range of resources that enhance educational outreach programs. Currently, a new initiative is underway to leverage these libraries for a different cause. The Green Libraries Movement aims to turn libraries into strong advocates for climate change by offering educational resources to...
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Cairns Electricity Price Hike: July 2023
As electricity prices rise in Cairns, residents and businesses face new challenges. This comprehensive guide explores the reasons behind the increase, the impact on consumers, and potential mitigation strategies. It delves into the government and energy providers' responses, public opinion, and future predictions. With a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy, particularly solar power,...
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