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2024 Queensland $4,000 Solar Battery Rebate Scheme
G’day, Queenslanders! Brenton from Hielscher Electrical and Solar here, hoping you’ve weathered the recent storms and the festive season. As we step into 2024, still feeling the after-effects of Cyclone Jasper and the severe storms that hit our region, there’s a beacon of hope on the horizon. The Miles government, picking up where the Palaszczuk...
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EOFY 2023 Instant Asset Write-Off on Solar for Your Business In Cairns
Discuss the benefits of the EOFY 2023 Instant Asset Write-Off on Solar for businesses in Cairns. Highlight the economic and environmental advantages of solar power for businesses and explain how they can claim this tax deduction. Discuss the eligibility criteria and the process of claiming the instant asset write-off.
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Unlocking a Greener Future: Managing Queensland’s Transition to Renewable Energy
Queensland stands on the brink of a transformative journey - a pivotal transition to renewable energy. As we delve into the Queensland Audit Office's report, we uncover a roadmap to a greener future. From harnessing untapped renewable resources to fostering public engagement, the path to sustainability is paved with innovation and determination. Join us as...
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NQ Solar Boom 2.0: Cairns Public Housing Set for Solar Overhaul!
The 2023 Budget proposal includes a $500 million electrification fund, aiming to retrofit solar panels on public housing across Australia, including Cairns and North Queensland. If approved, the initiative could save households up to $750 per year, promote sustainable living, and ensure the benefits of renewable energy are accessible to all Australians.
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Queensland Electric Vehicle Rebate Is Here
Coming at a time when the prices of unleaded petrol are topping at $2.20/litre, only time will tell whether the electric vehicle incentive will motivate the people of Queensland into making the switch as one way of helping the state to achieve its climate change goals.
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$2.2bn Home Battery Scheme To Benefit Solar Storage Batteries In Cairns
The Australian Greens has launched a $2.2 billion policy designed to accelerate uptake of solar storage batteries by Australian households and businesses; as one of the party’s climate and energy policy manifesto ahead of the federal election in May.
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Will Australia Host The Largest Residential Storage Market in 2019?
A decade ago, off-grid rooftop solar was overtaken by grid-tied solar. A similar scenario is being presented by residential storage batteries. Truly, the global residential storage market is quickly becoming vibrant and revolutionary even as residential battery systems deployments into the market continue to balloon.
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Cairns interest free loans for solar and storage systems
It’s time for interest free solar loans for Queenslanders! Starting June 2018, the state Government will provide interest free loans for solar panels and battery storage to eligible Queensland homes. As mentioned in our last release the solar loans will be available for both households and small businesses, and will form a part of the...
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