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Unravelling Solar: A Deep Dive into Different Types of Solar Panels
Monocrystalline solar panels are the premium choice for those seeking maximum efficiency and long-term value, despite their higher upfront cost. Constructed from a single crystal structure of high-grade silicon, these panels offer unparalleled efficiency rates, often exceeding 20%. Their sleek, dark appearance is not just aesthetically pleasing but also indicative of their superior performance. While...
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Understanding the Importance of DC Cables for Solar Installations in Cairns
In this blog post, we’ll explore all these factors and more in order to ensure your solar installation runs optimally and safely. We’ll provide tips and suggest the best DC cables for Australian solar installations, so you can rest assured your solar energy system is safe and efficient. Dive in and understand the importance of...
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How Does a Solar Panel Optimiser Work?
Basically, solar optimisers are devices designed to maximise the power output from a solar PV system. In other words, these devices are the Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) attached to solar panels during installation to ensure each panel generates optimal energy output.
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Australian Made Solar Panel Company Tindo Solar Introduces It’s Biggest Solar Panels Yet
Australia’s only solar manufacturing company Tindo Solar recently introduced its biggest rooftop solar modules yet. According to our countries only Australian made solar panel company Tindo, a brand-new 410 Watt Karra solar panel has received a green light for STC rebates and rollout into the market.
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Should I Buy Solar Batteries In Cairns?
An increasingly higher number of residential solar installations are now accompanied with solar batteries in Cairns. This post is here to highlight and evaluate the pricing, timing benefits and features when you buy solar storage batteries in Cairns.
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Australian Made Tindo Solar Panels in Cairns
The standout reason that Cairns homeowners choose to buy Tindo Solar panels in Cairns is their desire for Australian made products, Australian jobs, our economy and the dwindling manufacturing industry. Having the opportunity to contribute to the success of Australian made solar panels enables the local community to do what they do best — buy...
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Redback Technologies: New Solar Inverters And Storage Batteries
Redback Technologies' new look rolled out this week with their new branding and we are very excited about it! The new brand pays homage to the Australian heritage, as well as our joint re-commitment to our purpose to help power a cleaner tomorrow for future generations.
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Hyundai Solar Panels: What’s The Hyundai Name Worth?
After being out of the Australian market for 7 good years, Hyundai solar panels have resurfaced this time with a bang. First, I need to make it clear that Hyundai solar panels are manufactured by Hyundai Green Energy, a totally different company from Hyundai Motors. So in case your solar system gets a problem, please...
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Scientist Working Towards High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells
According to statistics from the Clean Energy Council, over 2 million Australian homes have installed solar panels. Unfortunately, little is known about the number or level of solar cells’ efficiency.
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