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Experience the private energy revolution with the Fronius PRIMO GEN24 8.0 Solar Inverter. Designed to be the heart of your private photovoltaic system, this inverter allows you to produce your own energy sustainably and inexpensively. But that’s not all – with the Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter, you can also add a battery storage system and enjoy complete energy self-sufficiency for electricity, heating, cooling, and e-mobility, even during nighttime.

Reliability is key when it comes to your energy supply, and the Fronius GEN24 has you covered with its integrated basic backup power supply. Connected devices up to 3 kW can be powered via the PV Point socket as long as the sun is shining. But if you want a more comprehensive backup power supply, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers two options: a power supply of up to 3 kW for loads via a single socket, and a backup power supply for your entire home, including large three-phase loads like heat pumps.

Versatility and energy management are standard features of the Fronius GEN24 series. Its smart device design and intelligent software ensure fast and flexible installation, optimal yields even in shaded conditions, and extended service life thanks to integrated active cooling. Plus, with open interfaces, it’s easy to integrate and manage components from Fronius or third-party providers, giving you the freedom to create an independent energy supply that suits your needs.

Whether you choose the Fronius GEN24 or the Fronius GEN24 Plus, you can be sure you’re getting a powerful inverter. And if you still can’t decide, the Fronius UP.storage software upgrade allows you to retrofit your existing GEN24 with a battery connection, including the Full Backup option.

For your peace of mind, the Fronius GEN24 Plus, combined with the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS, has consistently impressed at the Energy Storage Inspection, earning top rankings in efficiency year after year.

From initial consultation to installation and maintenance, the Fronius GEN24 series offers advantages at every step. Its sustainable features, such as the use of 100% recycled aluminum in the heat sinks and repairability of the devices, make it an attractive choice for customers. Assembly and configuration are quick and easy, and maintenance can be conveniently carried out via an app, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum yield.

Experience a life powered by the sun with the Fronius PRIMO GEN24 8.0 Solar Inverter. Join the Anzi family in Niederfüllbach, Germany, who are already living the future of energy self-sufficiency thanks to quality Fronius products. Say goodbye to traditional energy sources and embrace a greener, more sustainable lifestyle with the Fronius GEN24 series.


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