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Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0kW, Fronius Symo is a transformerless three-phased inverter ideal for any system size. Thanks to its SuperFlex Design, the inverter is commonly installed on irregularly-shaped roof orientations and inclinations or shading of one or two strings. Featuring a WLAN or Ethernet internet connections as standard, and easy third-party components integration, a meter-interface that enables dynamic feed-in management and clearer visualisation of energy consumption , Fronius Symo is undoubtedly one of the most communicative solar inverters on the market. Owing to its high system voltage, two powerful MPP trackers and wide input voltage range, the 6.0 kW ensures maximum flexibility for any application. The inverter’s SnapINverter mounting system is a special feature that makes installation and maintenance extremely easy and user-friendly. When installing, you simply place the inverter in the wall bracket and then secure it. When servicing, only the power stage set compartment is removed while all the cabling, configurations and settings remain intact. The Smart Grid Ready inverter is fully equipped to meet the technical requirements of a grid. The built-in Advanced Grid Features ensure optimum feed-in of both reactive and effective power. This ensures stable grid operations even when the solar system density is high, and prevention of yield losses and unwanted interruptions. Hence, this inverter guarantees the yields of your PV system. Its Dynamic Peak Manager is one of the latest MPP tracking algorithms and automatically checks the whole characteristic curve regularly and locates the global Maximum Power Point (GMPP) even during partial shading. The Austrian made and designed inverter has a nominal output range of 1.5 to 27.0 kW and carries a 10-year warranty.


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