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Revolutionizing Solar, One Panel at a Time

Enphase Energy, headquartered in the United States, is at the forefront of solar technology innovation, specializing in advanced microinverter development. Unlike traditional string inverters that manage multiple panels, Enphase's microinverters are uniquely designed for individual solar panel operation, offering a groundbreaking approach to solar power systems.

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Enphase IQ 7 Series

The seventh-generation Enphase IQ 7 series, designed for both residential and commercial use, is a testament to Enphase's commitment to innovation. Approximately half the weight of its predecessors, the IQ 7 series supports even more powerful solar panels, making it a versatile choice for diverse solar needs.

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The Future with Enphase IQ8
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Grid Independence
The upcoming Enphase IQ8 series is set to redefine solar energy systems. Termed as "grid-independent," these microinverters will enable your solar system to supply electricity during blackouts without needing a battery, provided there's sufficient solar output. Note that additional Enphase equipment is required for this functionality, which may increase the overall system cost.

As of August 2023, Enphase anticipates the Australian launch of the IQ8 series, following the successful global shipment of over 63 million units, solidifying its position as a leader in microinverter technology.
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Enphase in
Australia and Beyond
Enphase's global presence extends to offices in France, Italy, the UK, and China, with dedicated support in Australia through its Melbourne office and in New Zealand via Christchurch. The company's expansive product range includes solar batteries, communication gateways, monitoring systems, installer toolkits, and more, with plans to introduce a bidirectional EV charger in 2024.
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World leader in
Manufacturing Excellence
While headquartered in California, Enphase collaborates with manufacturing partners across Mexico, India, and China. Recent expansions include plans for multiple facilities in the USA by late 2023.
What Other Have to Say
Enphase remains a top choice on our recommended inverter brands chart. In the 2023 SolarQuotes Installers' Choice Awards, Enphase retained its second-place ranking for best inverters and after-sales support, as voted by our network installers.
Why Choose Enphase Microinverters?

Enphase microinverters boast several key advantages over conventional string inverters. These include:

Ensures continuous operation even if one panel is shaded or malfunctioning.
Flexible Design
Adapts to any roof layout, maximizing solar energy harvest.
Enhanced Safety
Reduces the risk of high-voltage DC power on your rooftop.

While these cutting-edge features come at a premium, the long-term benefits and efficiency gains make Enphase microinverters a smart investment.

Key Benefits Tailored for Australia

Australia's unique climate and energy needs make Enphase Solar Inverters an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses looking to harness solar energy. Here are three key benefits that stand out:

Adaptability to Extreme Weather: Australia's varied climate, from the scorching heat of the Outback to the cooler, cloudier regions in the south, demands a solar inverter that can perform reliably under extreme conditions. Enphase microinverters are designed to operate efficiently across a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the local climate.

Maximized Solar Harvest: In areas with frequent cloud cover or shading issues, Enphase's panel-level optimization comes into play. Unlike traditional string inverters, Enphase microinverters ensure that partial shading on one panel doesn't affect the output of others, maximizing solar energy harvest even in less-than-ideal conditions.
Resilience During Power Outages: Power outages can be a concern in various parts of Australia, especially during extreme weather events. The upcoming Enphase IQ8 series offers the revolutionary feature of grid independence, allowing solar systems to continue operating during blackouts without the need for a battery, as long as there is sufficient sunlight. This feature is particularly beneficial for areas prone to power interruptions, providing an uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind.
Reduced Energy Costs: With electricity prices on the rise in Australia, Enphase microinverters can help reduce energy bills by maximizing solar energy production. Their high efficiency and durability mean that homeowners and businesses can enjoy lower energy costs over the long term.

Government Incentives and Rebates: Australian homeowners and businesses installing solar systems may be eligible for various government incentives and rebates, making the initial investment in Enphase systems more affordable and the long-term financial benefits even more attractive.

Enphase Solar Inverters, with their advanced technology and suitability for Australian conditions, offer a smart, efficient, and reliable solution for anyone looking to invest in solar energy in Australia.

Enphase Microinverter Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Enphase offers a robust 10-year warranty on the IQ7 series and an extended 15-year warranty on the IQ8 series, with options to extend up to 20 and 25 years respectively. These warranties cover any defects in workmanship and materials.

Need Assistance? Here's How to Proceed:

If you encounter issues with your Enphase microinverters, contact your original installer for a resolution. In cases where the original installer is unavailable, Enphase's warranty support steps in. Simply use the “Find an installer” feature on Enphase's website to locate a local technician who will diagnose and coordinate the replacement process. Enphase contributes up to $100 towards labor costs for warranty services.

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