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Is Your Solar Inverter Doomed to Fail? Inverter Lifespan and Issues
Solar inverters are more vulnerable to heat and equipment failure than solar panels due to their higher amount of electrical components, which can degrade faster and lead to premature failure in extreme temperatures, while also being susceptible to issues caused by faulty installation, humidity causing corrosion, and poor maintenance.
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How Does a Solar Panel Optimiser Work?
Basically, solar optimisers are devices designed to maximise the power output from a solar PV system. In other words, these devices are the Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) attached to solar panels during installation to ensure each panel generates optimal energy output.
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Redback Technologies: New Solar Inverters And Storage Batteries
Redback Technologies' new look rolled out this week with their new branding and we are very excited about it! The new brand pays homage to the Australian heritage, as well as our joint re-commitment to our purpose to help power a cleaner tomorrow for future generations.
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