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Net Metering: The Green Energy Game-Changer You Need to Know About
Did you know about net metering? It's like having your very own solar power savings account! With this billing arrangement, you get credits for the extra electricity you generate and contribute back to the grid.
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The 2022 Ultimate Guide To Buying Solar In Cairns
I have prepared an easy-to-understand solar power buyers guide for 2022 that includes everything you need to know about solar and the options available so you can make a viable decision for your home or business. 
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The Way We Pay for Electricity Is Changing – Demand Tariffs
Demand Tariffs, instituted by the Australian Energy Regulator and executed by energy distributors like Ergon and Energex are being rolled out to those who have already installed smart meters. This is poised to encourage more people especially households to consume less power when the demand is at peak causing the electricity grid to experience the...
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